Why just take out an exhibit space when you can get so much more?

We are excited that you want to take a step beyond exhibiting. We can sweeten the deal. FSANA Annual Partners are our official conference sponsors and are entitled to a complimentary exhibit setup space, free registration, and many more benefits extending beyond the conference. The higher up the ladder, the more priority benefits you receive.

Of our two most popular levels, LEADER entry level at $4,000 is a great option if you have plans to exhibit. BUILDER, a notch up at $6,000, ups the anti.
FSANA reminds organizations and supply chain partners that FSANA Annual Partners, in addition to being exhibiting sponsors, receive many added benefits including brand awareness in both print and electronic media. To learn more about the Annual Partners value proposition, download our Annual Partners brochure or contact Debbie Sparks at 561-767-6826 or debbie@fsana.com

REGISTER AS AN EXHIBITING PARTNER (.pdf) Available this summer. Exhibitor details and registration form in one file. Save steps, you can register as an Annual Partner on the same form. But why wait? If you partner now, you'll get your comp booth in 2025 and you can take advantage of your other perks immediately.

Your complimentary exhibit space is a huge marketing opportunity. As the training market continues to evolve in America, we see more and more conference attendees every year. New schools continue to pop up and existing schools are growing. The training community is eager to meet with the supply chain in an environment designed to maximize brand awareness and customer education. Attendees include:
  • Flight school owners
  • Flight instructors
  • Flight school managers
  • Chief flight instructors
  • Future school owners
  • Flight school investors

Food & beverage event recognition 

No other commitment required. Up for grabs on a first-come basis. Help support your conference and receive exclusive brand recognition.
Call 610-791-4359 to confirm availability and reserve events prior to submitting payment.
1. Opening Reception (Wed pm) — $4,000
2. Dinner/Entertainment (Wed pm) — $8,000
3. Coffee Break (Thu am) — $2,000
4. Lunch (Thu) — $5,000
5. Coffee Break (Thu pm) — $2,000
6. Coffee Break (Fri am) — $2,000
7. Lunch (Fri) — $5,000