Why learn to fly

Do you like to learn and explore, then learning to fly is a match for you

Learning to fly an aircraft is a gift which will remain with you for a lifetime. Once airborne, you get to view the world from a unique dimension that many never get to experience. Some people simply place flight on their bucket lists while others take a more defined pathway whether it be for career, pleasure and recreational flying or a combination of pleasure and business. The early days of flight training are when the newbie pilot forms their cultural and safety habits.
We’ve identified eight prevalent reasons people learn to fly. Which is your “WHY”?

Encouraged by family or friend
Fun, enjoyment
Something new and exciting
Something you’ve always dreamed to do 

Whatever your reason, flying an aircraft is an experience unequaled. There is a saying that goes like this:

 “One mile of highway will take you one mile. One mile of runway can take you anywhere.”

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