History & Mission

Serving the flight training industry since 2009

Founded in 2009, the Flight School Association of North America (FSANA) is a dynamic trade association that serves flight training providers and the entire aerospace industry, creates meaningful programs, and works to increase the pilot population. Our members are motivated and successful business operators who provide flight training in the United States and foreign countries.
Through FSANA, the flight training industry has a voice which clearly represents the core foundation of the flight training segment within the aviation industry.
FSANA identifies and establishes programs that are intended to help both new and existing flight schools as they deal with the multitude of work-scope issues they face on a daily basis.

Increasing the pilot population

Part of FSANA’s mission is providing a motivational platform for anyone interested in the exciting world of flight. Our sight is on increasing the pilot population by engaging passion-driven people at an early age. FSANA believes that the future of aviation and aerospace is with our young citizens and is dedicated to bringing these unique aero programs to your community in cooperation with local flight schools and member organizations. FSANA knows future pilots come in all ages so we have also created avenues like our AeroSolo program to connect with everyone.
FSANA relies on membership and sponsoring partner revenues in order to operate and carry out its mission. You are encouraged to support FSANA in its achievements by becoming a member or supporting partner.
Please visit our Annual Supporting Partners page. FSANA is indebted to all the organizations you will find there. Please patronize them when you can.


The mission of FSANA is to:
  • Support, promote and advocate for the business of flight training;
  • Provide knowledge, programs and services that help its members thrive and better serve their customers and communities;
  • Foster best business practices;
  • Educate and inspire youth;
  • Increase the global pilot population;
  • Improve general aviation safety; and
  • Work in alliance with the aviation and aerospace industry.

Important functions

  • Provide marketing and promotion in support of its members
  • Provide its flight school members with practical benefits and resources for running their business
  • Accreditation program
  • Increase student starts and retention
  • Programs to enhance the flight training industry — including the Airline Pilot Pathway Program and Corporate Pilot Pathway Program
  • Reduce general aviation incident and accident rates
  • Create and encourage youth programs that keep individuals engaged in flight and aerospace from an early age into adulthood — shaping aviation’s future.
  • Develop stable sources of financing for flight students
  • Online flight school and supply chain locator


Annual Conference
Every year FSANA conducts a conference focused on the business of flight training, bringing together flight schools, airlines, supply chain vendors, government officials, and others whose common interest is the flight training industry. Loaded with diverse session choices.
Flight Training News
About once each month FSANA emails its popular e-newsletter to a wide audience of members, government officials, aviation and aerospace business peresonel and the interested public.
Flight School Education
FSANA offers assistance and guidance to flight schools as they start up, develop and expand. The goal is to make each flight training business a successful business.
Association Committees
FSANA includes a committee structure which encourages members to participate and help develop programs and policies for the betterment of the industry.
Aero Youth Programs
FSANA is changing the face of aviation. FSANA believes that the future of aviation and aerospace is with our young citizens and is dedicated to bringing unique youth-oriented programs to all communities in cooperation with local flight schools and member organizations. FSANA invites all youth to join the organization. We are ever-committed to bringing you more and more content and programs as our youth movement grows. Already many of you are enjoying our AeroCamp and AeroChapter programs. Stick around.
AeroCamp is our premiere Aero program. AeroCamp is a day camp program run by FSANA-member schools during summer and off-season months. AeroCamp is a stepping stone to further both flight and aerospace education.
Learn to Fly Month
Learn to Fly Month is the largest national/international campaign FSANA has ever launched. Taking place annually — May 1-31 — Learn to Fly Month is a month-long initiative aimed at the general public and all ages. FSANA encourages all flight schools to engage, not just FSANA members.