Ideas for flight schools

Your biggest marketing opportunity of the year

All flight schools across the country — not only FSANA member schools — are encouraged to participate during Learn to Fly Month, If you haven't set anything in motion for this initiative in the past, it’s time to get on board. We are providing this set of five free tools intended to help all flight schools and others interested in promoting Learn to Fly Month. Please take a moment to check them out and incorporate them into your own Learn to Fly Month events.
Nationally, FSANA is getting the word out, but the real success of Learn to Fly Month is up to you — the flight school — and the effort that you make to promote your events to your community. Through your Learn to Fly Month initiative, your flight school can be noticed like never before. Committing your organization to Learn to Fly Month as a yearly event will pay dividends through repeated branding exposure.
FSANA encourages the use of the provided Learn to Fly Month graphics to help build awareness within your local community. Add graphics to your website and digital newsletters. Feel free to promote your school's Learn to Fly Month initiatives with these graphics whether your school is a FSANA member or not.
We suggest that your Learn to Fly month initiative center around promoting a public open house on one or two Saturdays in May. Give some of these ideas a try:
  • Create short 30- to 60-minute ground schools to introduce people to aviation and flight
  • Offer introductory flights
  • Offer air tours
  • Schedule an airline pilot to speak for 20-30 minutes with Q&A to follow
  • Schedule a corporate pilot to speak for 20-30 minutes with Q&A to follow
  • Schedule an aircraft mechanic to speak for 20-30 minutes with Q&A to follow
  • Schedule a flight instructor to speak for 20-30 minutes with Q&A to follow
  • Include a cookout
  • Offer giveaways or prizes
Suggested media opportunities include:
  • Create a customized news release using the template provided
  • Invite your local media to attend
  • Offer your local media a flight in the local area
  • Offer your local media an introductory flight lesson
  • Invite a local radio station to broadcast live during your event
Suggest in your marketing and to the media the many reasons why people should learn to fly:
  • Flying is fun
  • Flying is a new dimension in people’s lives
  • Flying teaches added safety learning opportunities
  • Flying can be used in business to enhance time management
  • Flying increases connectivity between people
  • Flying improves quality of life
  • Flying is an adventure
  • Flying is a wonderful career path

LTFM tools for flight schools

All Learn to Fly Month materials provided by FSANA are permitted to be used by any flight school or organization that has an interest.
"Ideas for Flight Schools" .PDF — How to create fun and exciting events
Learn to Fly Month logo graphic FOR PRINT ... FOR WEB (PNG)
Press release TEMPLATE — Customizable for your flight school or organization
Learn to Fly Month POSTER
Color PHOTOGRAPH of Mario Andretti — Credit: Courtesy of Flight School Association of North America