FAA accident stats

GA Safety Performance Update

—From an article in FSANA Flight Training News, May 30, 2024

The General Aviation Joint Safety Committee (GAJSC) provides updates on a wide selection of GA safety metrics. As a member of this committee, FSANA and many others in the industry track data such as the fatal accident rates in general aviation.

A critical data metric that many follow, is the fatal rates for accidents in general aviation compiled by the FAA. The good news is that General Aviation Safety Performance data for the fiscal year 2024 year-to-date is currently trending below the 3-year baseline when it comes to the GA accidental fatal rate.

This isn't just data that a few in the industry track, it is data that everyone can look at. FSANA encourages flight training organizations and all GA pilots to study the latest set of data metrics to better understand where the highest safety risks are located.

Identifying the level of risk is the first step in helping to become a safer GA pilot. As GA airmen enhance their understanding of the various risk envelopes in the GA space, they become better equipped to improve their decision-making when exercising their airman privileges.

2024 FAA Report (.PDF)