Over 20 professional sessions

Our 15th Anniversary and sure to be the best yet.

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Plan to exhibit at 2024 conference and trade show

Exhibit spots sold out for 2023’s event. We are expanding hall space, but it would still be prudent to reserve early. You’ve got a focused audience at this one-of-a-kind conference and trade show ... and we are celebrating our 15th anniversary.

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If you missed either of the first two Symposiums, our 2022 wrap gives you a clue as to what to expect. Registration info for 2024 to post in late December.

If it’s May, it’s Learn to Fly Month

Learn to Fly Month is the largest national / international campaign FSANA has ever launched.

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Learn to Fly Month ideas for flight schools

All flight schools across the country are invited and encouraged to participate in Learn to Fly Month, not only FSANA members.

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