Why accreditation

What sets accredited flight schools apart

The overriding purpose of flight school accreditation is to maintain the highest standard for flight schools with respect to industry business practices and professionalism.

Flight school accreditation also gives the general public the ability to identify flight schools which comply with the FSANA Code of Ethics and meet or exceed the accreditation standards established by the International Aerospace Accrediting Commission in conjunction with the United States Department of Education.

IAAC accreditation is the recognized standard that the public and flight training vendor community can use to assist in evaluating business relationships. Flight schools that enroll in the Flight School Accreditation Program are electing to improve the professional nature of their businesses and the flight training industry.

Ongoing accreditation generates an aggregated positive impact for both flight schools and the public. The process of accreditation is an ongoing and developing system of standards and best practices that lead to continued improvement.

Flight school accreditation standards are high

The Flight School Accreditation Standards are high and flight schools are not automatically guaranteed to receive accreditation. The standards are designed to focus on seven core areas within the flight school:

Risk Management
Business Practices
Finance and Accounting
Customer Satisfaction
Inspections — The IAAC flight school accreditation process includes an on-site inspection of an accreditation applicant’s facility to determine if the applicant meets all of the accreditation standards. The accreditation inspector’s report will be utilized to determine if the applicant is prepared to attend an accreditation hearing.

It is a known fact that accreditation programs which require site visitations are held to a higher standard. Being in the presence of a flight school operator provides real-time knowledge and observation which cannot be duplicated in any other form.

Benefits for the flight school

IAAC accreditation has many positive results for the flight school, including developing public confidence through a systemic evaluation process that confirms whether an organization meets or exceeds the professional standards as established by the accrediting organization. Accreditation helps flight schools to develop sound academic, business and financial practices which lead to improved student learning, retention and completion.
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