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Please accept this invitation to join the only trade association fully dedicated to the flight training industry. Become a FSANA member today and join our special community of flight school owners, managers, chief instructors and others focused on the business of flight training. FSANA is only as good as the members who join and participate. Your membership helps ensure that the flight training industry is prepared to move forward for decades.
As a FSANA member, you have unequaled opportunity to network with peers in the industry along with vendors who supply products and services that support your business. We strive to exceed the expectations of our members and help connect them with others in the industry. Small, medium and large flight-training providers trust FSANA for personal guidance and support on a wide range of training and aerospace issues.
FSANA programs continue to deliver positive results for our members as we remain focused on the business of flight training. Members that utilize one or more of our programs continue to attract new prospects and customers. If you are unfamiliar with the scope of FSANA, check us out, then join.
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Membership categories

  • Associate — Association, airport, fix-base operator, heliport, organization or government entity not directly involved in the flight training industry.
  • Flight School Operator —A business that provides flight training and owns, operates or leases aircraft, and maintains facilities.
  • Business Supplier — A business that supplies products or services to the flight training or aviation industry.
  • Designated Pilot Examiner — A person who is an FAA-approved DPE and persons interested in becoming a DPE.
  • Individual — A person not employed by a current FSANA member.
  • Add-on Coworker — A person employed by a current FSANA member.

21 reasons to join

FSANA is a trade association that serves the flight training industry, particularly with its membership in mind. Member-exclusive benefits include:
  • AeroCamp youth program*
  • AeroChapters youth program
  • Airport relations guidance
  • Access to aircraft renters insurance
  • Access to background check programs
  • Career advancement opportunities
  • Access to contact data acquisition
  • Access to customer relationship management (CRM) software
  • Discounted rates for conferences and seminars
  • Access to email marketing software
  • Flight training advocacy
  • Industry advocacy
  • Marketing and promotion in support of its members
  • National marketing programs to attract new customers
  • Networking
  • Operational assistance
  • Access to post-secondary aviation distance learning
  • Public awareness of FSANA programs for consumers
  • Technical assistance
  • Tenant relations guidance
  • Trade association support on flight school issues
*AeroCamp is our premiere Aero program. AeroCamp is a day camp program run by FSANA-member schools during summer and off-season months. AeroCamp is a stepping stone to further both flight and aerospace education.