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FSANA Response to Republic Airways Petition for Exemption from 14 C.F.R. 61.160 (a)

On May 31, 2022, FSANA voiced full opposition to the Republic Airways petition for Exemption from C.F.R. 61.160 (a). Since Republic's request has become public, Captain Sullenberger and the ALPA have also come out against the exemption. A FSANA recent survey sent to industry indicated that 78% of the respondents were opposed to Republic’s petition. Find out why and what's at stake.

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Download FSANA's May 31 response in full (pdf)

Download Republic Airlines Petition in full (pdf)

Comment—To comment directly to US government on exemption and read posted comments from others. We encourage our members to oppose this exemption.

Members, readers and media alike will find FSANA's recent news release an eye opener. Take a look: For immediate release