FSANA’s Annual International Flight School Operators Conference and Trade Show
#14 and largest yet

This year's annual conference, held March 1-3, 2023, in Orlando, was the largest yet. The FSANA conference continues to grow and this year was no exception. With a full exhibitor roster and more attendees than ever before, FSANA has already decided that next year we will need to host the event at a larger facility. With each year the conference expands, so does the value of the conference for all who participate. Each year more resources come together. FSANA looks forward to next year's event which will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, at Ceasar's Palace on February 21-23. Watch our communications for further announcements about the 15th annual International Flight School Operators Conference.

The final day of the 2023 FSANA conference brought up additional topics and covered data that is not discussed in any other sectors in aviation. A key discussion took place regarding the supply chain infrastructure for flight training providers to keep their operations going. Shortages of consumable parts such as tires and oil filters, as two simple examples, remain in short and delayed supply. While there were some reports that the length of wait time is improving slightly from what was reported last year, there remain challenges with ordering new production aircraft as most manufacturers have close to or beyond 2-year wait lists to order aircraft. It also remains hard in an active purchaser market for training providers to go out to the used market and purchase legacy aircraft, used or refurbished, to use in their training operations. The ability to keep aircraft flying in the flight training environment is a critical concern in order to continue providing training.

Breakout sessions highlighted the use of simulators and even discussions of the potential use of virtual reality for flight training operations; what types of new revenue centers flight training providers might be able to develop; and best practices and new tips in marketing efforts for flight training providers. The last session of the week specifically related to the subject of student and equipment financing in the flight training sector, focusing on the challenges that the industry faces as it works to mitigate and provide new solutions regarding how to continue to make the ability to secure training. Again this year, the sessions offered an opportunity for attendees and presenters to share information back and forth that might help improve the overall industry.

The FSANA conference and trade show experience is about learning how to:
  • Increase profits
  • Engage in growth strategies and new business opportunities
  • Adapt to the latest trends and technology
  • Manage costs and be more efficient

2023 PROGRAM GUIDE (.pdf) Check out what you missed. Program and pricing will change, as well as location, but you can still get an inkling of what to expect at the next FSANA Conference and Trade Show. See the complete Wednesday through Friday program. Also includes Tuesday's Accreditation Seminar co-event program and details.

The only annual conference and trade show focused on the business of flight training

Whether you are an existing or new flight school, or thinking of starting one, the sessions and workshops will propel your business into the year ahead. The networking and one-on-one opportunities can’t be given a price tag. You owe it to your business to attend if you are a:
  • Flight school owner
  • Flight school manager
  • Chief flight instructor
  • Assistant chief flight instructor
  • Key employee involved in the operation of a flight school
  • Person opening or considering starting a flight school
The training market is continually evolving in America and through the FSANA annual conference and its member programs, FSANA is helping schools to become model training facilities.

Registration includes

  • Entry to professional sessions and workshops
  • Admission to exhibition hall
  • Opening reception
  • Dinner and entertainment
  • 2 luncheons
  • Coffee breaks with exhibitors

Exhibit hall

Our attendees can’t get enough of the exhibits at FSANA conferences and who can blame them. Exceeding 30 exhibitors each recent year, the FSANA Conference and Trade Show has become the One-Stop Supply Chain trade show for the flight training community. Our exhibitors know how to quench this audience's thirst for new products and services.
Exhibitors reserve your spot soon. Info to come. FSANA encourages businesses who are interested in engaging with top flight training providers to reserve your spot early. Space is limited. Exhibitors, it may pay to sponsor — sponsorship comes with complimentary exhibit space and more.

Attention non-FSANA members

JOIN FSANA prior to registering and receive FSANA member rates for the conference.

Conference scholarship

Financial assistance may be available toward conference registration. This does not include room accommodations or transportation. Please submit registration ASAP so we can contact you to discuss assistance.

The youth component

Although we are a professionals’ conference and trade show, we have endeavored to include the youth generation into the mix with limited student access to sessions and exhibits.
Additionally, we educate our business attendees on the importance of youth and their parents as a revenue stream and remind them that even a twelve year old loves flying planes and represents the future of aviation and aerospace. Ask any of our flight school members who have returned home after a FSANA conference and started an AeroCamp program and they will testify to the rewards of opening the door to the youth in their community.

FSANA Youth members and students enrolled in a college aviation degree program or a post-secondary aviation specialty program are invited to attend the conference for a nominal fee of $25/day. Attend Thursday or Friday, or both days. The student pass provides:

  • Entry to professional sessions and workshops
  • Admission to exhibition hall
  • Luncheon
  • Coffee breaks with exhibitors

2023 Conference hotel

FSANA is pleased to have hosted its 2023 Conference and Trade Show at the Rosen Plaza.