News - FSANA Seeking Information about Practical Test Pricing

Thursday, January 4, 2018 - The Flight School Association of North America is conducting a survey of practical test costs around the country in an effort to determine what variations and what extremes are currently being experienced in the prices paid.

Most of these tests are provided for certificates and ratings such as private pilot, commercial pilot, instrument pilot, or CFI certificates to name a few examples. In the majority of cases, these are provided by FAA Designated Pilot Examiners (DPEs) who are not employees of the FAA. They charge a fee for the test being administrated. While FSANA is not engaging this survey in an effort to dictate any pricing, we are working to better understand what pricing exists, if it varies based on certificate or rating, and if it varies regionally throughout the country.

Input from flight training providers, CFIs, DPEs, and anyone who has taken a practical test in the recent past is welcome and requested.

To provide feedback for the survey, please visit:

All data that is collected as a part of this survey will be anonymous and in no way identified with any individual who provides feedback. No personal identifying data is collected in the survey. The results of this data will be published in aggregate in FSANA publications and on the FSANA website to share throughout the industry when completed.